[REGISTER NOW] NOMEX Discovery Sessions: China


In this Discovery Session on January 27th, you will get a general overview on the Chinese consumer market as well as the music industry including live, recording and publishing and learn about music companies that are bridging the gap between China and the rest of the music world.

In the second part of the Discovery Session you will hear short company introductions from companies operating in the Chinese music market, which will give you more insight on opportunities for entering the market. The company introductions are focusing especially in artist promotion and the song business.

11.00-12.00 CET China Music Market Introduction by Kanjian and Music Ally
12.00-14:30 CET Company Introductions

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NOMEX Discovery Sessions China is produced by Music Finland.
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Are there audiences for Nordic music in China and how to reach them? What’s happening inside the great firewall of China? What are the newest developments of the Chinese music industry? How is the Chinese music industry recovering from covid? Hear a general overview of the Chinese music market of 2022. The market introduction includes an overview of the music consumer markets as well as the live, recording and publishing industries of China.
Alessandro Pavanello, International Business Director, Kanjian Music
Patrick Ross, COO, Music Ally


The presented companies are HiFive, Songs for China, Outdustry, Midi Festival, Music.info and Outpost Social.
Read more about the participating companies and presenters here.

Company introductions: Session 1
12.00-12.20 HiFive
12.20-12.40 Songs for China
12.40-13.00 Outdustry

Company introductions: Session 2
13.20-13.40 Midi Festival
13.40-14.00 Outpost Social
14.00-14.20 Music.info

Times are CET.
Company introductions are 15min + 5minutes Q&A each.

Companies Joining Us

Maggie Zhou, CEO

HIFIVE is based on artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing technologies, focusing on music and audio applications and commercial music copyrights trading. HiFive has established strategic partnerships with Sony/ATV, EMI, UPPM and Billboard. Collaborate with hundreds of musicians and labels around the world and manage the copyright of millions of songs and tracks in China. At the same time we provide copyright and data services for hundreds of companies, such as Tencent, Huawei, China Mobile, Weibo etc.

HIFIVE offers for example music distribution, licensing, promotion and copyright protection services.
Maggie Zhou is the co-founder and CEO of the company.


Outpost Social

Jani Joenniemi

Outpost Social is Helsinki, Finland and Hangzhou, China based company that distributes both professional and user generated content to the other side of the great firewall of China.

The company creates and implements strategies to develop brands, artists and IP’s in the Chinese internet ecosystem.

Jani Joenniemi has built an extensive career in assisting music industry, film and TV production companies as well as consumer brands with market research, partnerships, digital distribution and marketing in Asia, currently focusing on the Chinese and Indian markets.


Songs for China

Tony Oh, & Henrik Tala

Started by Tony Oh and Henrik Tala amidst the pandemic in the summer of 2020, SongChina is founded on 10+ years of collective experience working in the Greater China Music industry. Started as a service to represent, license and manage copyrights in China, we now also arrange international songwriting camps and help upcoming talent navigate the evolving music market. SongChina has managed to secure 150+ plus licences for European songwriters and publishers in the last 18 months.


Marcus Rowland, GM, Outdustry China – Services & Head of A&R

Outdustry provides market-leading A&R, Marketing and Rights Management services in the China & India music markets, for some of the leading names in the global and local industries. We have staff located in Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Shanghai and Taipei. 


Han Zhang, Business Development Manager

Music.Info Finland Oy is a Finnish Limited Company focus on music sub-licensing and promotion services. Our main market is China, and in year 2021, the services have expand to other territories as well. For now we have distributed and licensed music for almost 4000 artists from 75 different countries.
Han Zhang is the Business Development Manager from Musicinfo. Han has more than 5 years-experience in music industry, especially in Chinese music market.