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[Sounds Like Roskilde Networking] Meet Powerline Agency

Asbjørn Hæstrup


Over the next week, we will introduce you to some of the key industry people that you can meet at Sounds Like Roskilde networking event, March 10th at Bremen, where Roskilde Festival shares part of their vast international network with the Danish industry. You can read more about the event here.

Name: Jens Oberthür

Agency: Powerline, Berlin Germany

Can you tell us a bit about your agency? Powerline Agency was founded in the early 90’s situated somewhere in the expanse between DIY and the wretched world of “small business“.
While later developing “Hamburg School” canonized acts like Tocotronic, Die Sterne, Blumfeld as well as bavarians The Notwist, Console & Tied and Tickle Trio (“Is Weilheim the new Seattle?” – Wire Magazine) and the Berlin based acts Stereo Total, The Whitest Boy Alive, Dillon, Apparat, Sizarre or Bonaparte, the agency became one of the leading hotspots for independent music and artists in Germany.

In 2010, Powerline Agency has extended their sphere of activity to also promoting acts from abroad for Germany and G/A/S. Since then, acts like Kings of Convenience, Junip, Deerhunter, Young Fathers, When Saints Go Machine, Neon Indian, Animal Collective and FM Belfast – just to name a few – have been represented by us in Germany and the German speaking markets.

Aside from that, Powerline Agency have for quite a while departed from the purely musical terrain to also represent authors like Heinz Strink, Stermann & Grissemann, Stefanie Sargnagel and Studio Braun.

3 agents working, working and working at Powerline Agency are: Mathias Schwarz, Wieland Krämer and Jens Oberthür.

Can you name a few acts that you have had/will have playing at Roskilde Festival? The Nitwits, The Whitest Boy Alive, Stereo Total, Die Nerven, Jeans Team, Bonaparte, Tocotronic, etc.