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Det sagde de franske gæster ved SPOT Mon Amour

Broken Twin on stage in Paris.

Broken Twin on stage in Paris.

“Der var flot fremmøde af franske branchefolk til SPOT Mon Amour i Paris, som nedenfor giver deres bedømmelse af musikken og arrangementet som helhed.”

Marc Thonon, Atmosphériques record label:
-I don’t really have much experience of the Danish music industry. Of course I know Agnes Obel. But it’s my first experience of Danish music for a while. I’m enjoying it. I just saw Schultz And Forever and I think that guy’s amazing. He’s got an amazing voice. Great playing and the band behind him, well there’s the right distance. Very deep and very accessible at once. And I hear he’s quite young, so it’s great. (Read full interview with Marc Thonon here).

Franz Schuller, President Indica Records, Canada and Australia:
It was great. I had a great meal and a chat with a bunch of really cool people and got to see some really cool young Danish talent, very young Danish talent.The first one [Broken Twin] was very vibey and atmospheric. The second one [Schultz And Forever] was probably in the middle somewhere. He had a very particular voice. And the third band [Baby In Vain]  was really over the top and heavy and dark and a little bit enraged. It was cool. (Read full interview with Franz Schuller here).

Ugo Tanguy, Sober and Gentle record label:
-The evening has gone well. Nice acquaintances. Good food, and French people like good food. The last group [Baby In Vain] were really really good. Really banging. Good drums, good sound, good stage presence, although the voice isn’t quite there yet. The format of the evening is good. I really enjoyed the first part. It’s the best way of doing networking and creating links between two countries. It’s the best way to create contacts.

Ivan Taïeb, Roy Music:
The evening went really well. We had a good meal. I met plenty of really interesting people. It’s good to do things like this when I can because I have a lot of work and obviously this takes up a bit of time, but meeting partners from abroad like this, it’s great. It builds up networks and creates a good atmosphere. It’s a good experience for the Danes, so it was really interesting and the place was perfect as well. Broken Twin was really beautiful. She sings well. I loved the last group, Baby In Vain. They’ve got this naïve rock ‘n’ roll vibe which did me some good. There’s a crazy energy, and they’re uninhibited at the same time. There’s a very strong sound. They’re very impressive for their age. With some more work on their voices and their songs. I’d be really happy to hear them again in two years. It’s a good way to do networking. We like eating, so naturally that part’s great.

Romain Pellicioli, Owner, Founder, Booking Agent, Daka Tour:
As a booking agent, I haven’t worked with Danish artists and I don’t know many, so I was interested to learn a bit more and get an idea of the structure, how they approach things and how they perceive the French market, how we could learn to work together and find out what the reality is. I was pleasantly surprised. There was a really professional approach to just about everything. It was interesting to see how they structure things for the Danish artists and how they develop them internationally, in Europe and here in France. I was pleasantly surprised by the dynamism of the professionals, by their skills, by their business tools, by the connections they manage to make. (Read full interview with Romain Pellicioli here).

Vincent, Junzi Arts Booking Agency:
I had a really good time. I really enjoyed it. I met a lot of people who I only knew by email and it was good to have the chance to talk to them in person. I liked the Danish professionals. We had a good meal. I was really happy with the acquaintances I made.

Aziliz Benech: Coordination, organisation of meetings and conferences, MaMa Festival:
The format of the dinner was great for meeting some really good people and creating a group atmosphere. I met some interesting people who I’d been in contact with but never met. And then you get the chance to discover some good bands. It’s been really interesting. It’s easy to make good acquaintances. I liked Baby In Vain. They had a lot of energy. It’s a good, personalised way of presenting bands. These genres and aesthetic forms work well in France.

Ségolène Favre-Cooper, Artistic Programming, MaMa Festival:
It’s good to meet people we’ve been in touch with for a few years. They’re very open. It’s good for making connections and contacts and to get talking with their artists and their networks. You meet people at the dinner, then see them again here [at the showcase]. It’s good the two places are so close because you don’t lose anybody on the way! Schultz and Forever is really young. He’s got real potential. Baby In Vain are great. They’ve got great energy, a great attitude.