[10 tips] How to Approach a UK Metal Agent




Sharon Richardson from Factory Music (UK) shares some of her knowledge on how to go about breaking into the UK market as a Metal band:

1) When approaching an agent to either submit your band for a tour or being considered for their roster the following is very important:

2) Do not make your email a copy-and-paste email, and if you do, still make it personal. (You would be surprised how many emails I get addressed to “Dear Sharon…” then in the body of the email, “we love the ITB roster”, etc. doesn’t look good.)

3) Make the email out to the person. Example, “Hello Bob”.

4) Do your research on that agent, their roster etc. again you would be surprised how many rap and operatic artists that approach us, as they have not done their research.

5) Give a brief history of the band, for example, touring history, record releases, a little info if it was through a label, which label, the press achieved around the release etc.

6) Send links to the music and videos, never send big files as agents receive large files daily from our artists and record labels. So often these sorts of emails are deleted before they are even read.

7) Mention who the album was mixed and mastered by and at what studio.

8) Focus on self promotion, be active on all your social media sites as well as posting in forums about your tour dates, releases and video links.

9) If your album artwork is being done by a particular artist or a video has been done by a particular producer these are all things that should be mentioned.

10) Do you have any guest musicians on the album or co writers that may help push the album and gain interest?


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