Betal ikke din SKAT to gange (når du optræder i Frankrig)



If you/your band are about to play France you probably have been requested from your agent or promoter to present your A1 form. And if you haven’t been touring France before you will of-course get slightly confused, on both what it is, and more importantly, how to get it. So here is a little round up to help you understand a bit what the French are after and how to save some money deductions from your fee:

What is it?

The A1 is a form you will need to have in order for you to avoid paying social security in France, by it being deducted from your show fee. This means you don’t “need” to have it to play in France, but it will definitely save you money that you should not be paying twice – as you are already paying for social security and health insurance in Denmark through taxes.

As you may know, many European countries have a law in which people living/working in the country are obliged to be health-insured and pay social contributions. This means that unless you can prove that your national insurance at home covers you during your time abroad, the French will “charge” you for insurance to make sure you are covered while you are in the French territory.

The A1 is a form that is issued by your country of residence (in this case Denmark) confirming that you are not obliged to pay social security (including health insurance contributions) during your stay in France for work (playing shows), as your Danish national security covers you also in the French market. So this form allows you to take advantage and use the health arrangements in France while you are still maintaining your social contributions and health insurance in Denmark.

This applies only to EEA and Switzerland country residents as part of the free movement of labor agreement between these countries.

Your agent will need to have this form for all musicians and crew being present at the show, and you as crew/musician will also have to be able to show this form while in France, so do carry a copy with you.

Do I need to apply for ever time i enter France to play a show?

No, you can apply for the form to be valid a year, so you just need to make sure to renew it in time before it looses its validation.

Is it only for France?

Its officially valid for all EEA countries and Switzerland, but its only the French that make it a requirement in order for you not to pay French Social Security/health Insurance out of your French show income on the spot. In Belgium for example, all they usually need is an advance copy of the crew/musicians passports to avoid this.

Why do we need to fill it out?

You will need to fill it out to avoid a high percentage being deducted from your show fee. The deduction is about 15% of your fee.

How far in advance should I sort this out?

It’s our experience that this can take anything from 6-8 weeks, after you have applied for it.

Its a bit of a long form, with some questions that might be hard to tackle, so do take enough time to prepare all the needed documentation before going into the online application. Also, if you are a solo artist hiring musicians, or a band with quite some musicians and/or crew, it can take a while before everyone has filled in their document correctly, so you can never start too early.

Please note that if you are the employer (for example a solo act who hires in musicians/crew) you as the employer will be the one applying for your “employees”, You will need the forms filled in by them with their information, but you are the one actually making the online application online.

Also note that you as the employer will be the one receiving the actual final forms for your employees, so its your obligation to hand them over to them.

How do I get it?

You will need to go into and have all the papers ready plus your NEM ID.

If you are the “employer” of the band, you will need the information about your company and about each person individually. If you are self employed, then just your company and personal information. Below a bullet point list of what you need plus the forms in both Danish and English so you can prepare the information you need before hand:

  • Information on the employee that will be working abroad, including CPR and hiring date.
  • Information on the employee’s previous employment if he/she has been employed for less than three months.
  • Information on working abroad, including specific addresses of places of work (venues in your case)
  • Information on family members that come with the employee abroad. (if that is the case)
  • Danish company Registration/CVR.
  • Employment contract if any (to be attached)
  • Description and documentation of the Danish company’s activities (to be attached). – This is the part where you will need to add a list of where you have played as a band/musician, both national and foreign shows.

For more information or to start the application go here:

For information and/or application in English go here:

Contact if you are having trouble:

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