Hiring the right booking agent abroad


By Linus Lassus

It’s hard to consider yourself an international artist if you’re not playing live abroad. A key issue many artists face when trying to do that is getting a good, trustworthy booking agent. Just getting that one contact may seem hard enough, but when you do – what then? How do you grow it from there?

Efterklang høstede stort bifald i Groningens smukke gamle teater Stadsschouwburg
Rasmus Stolberg, right, thinks Efterklang has benefitted hugely from having several booking agents.

There are many different paths to tread and the most important thing to do is finding one that fits you. Rasmus Stolberg, from the internationally acclaimed outfit Efterklang, gives some insight into the practices. “Many international acts are being booked across Europe through one single agent based in one of the big European entertainment hubs. Just having one agent is comfortable – and it sure has its advantages – but a more complicated pattern, a network organically grown over time, can also be rewarding.”

Personal relationships are highly valued in the industry, and letting go of those because of other business interests is not always a good idea, says Rasmus. He thinks his band has benefitted hugely from working with small bookers they’ve met along the way, each agent dedicated to different parts of Europe. In doing so, they’ve had less middle hands and loyal partners, he says.

It’s important to remember, though, that there are no rules. Whatever you do, make sure it fits your model of making music and business.