Jacob Bellens + Italy = ♥


In recent months, Jacob Bellens, formerly of I Got You on Tape, has received an increasing amount of attention abroad – namely Italy. His latest album ‘Polyester Skin’ – and the single ‘Untouchable’ – reached #1 on the Italian iTunes Electronic Chart for albums and singles, respectively (see above).

Italian Facebook Boom

Bellens and his team noticed an increase in interactions from Italians on their Facebook page and have later learned that radio DJ Fabio Volo had taken a liking in the Dane. Volo is the host of the popular morning show ‘Il Volo del Mattino’ on major radio station Radio DeeJay, where he has been playing Bellens’ music very regularly. The increase in attention is also evident in streaming numbers, where ‘Untouchable’ currently has over 625.000 plays on Spotify, besides being featured on several major playlists, such as ‘The Stress Buster’ (243.000 followers).

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