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Online Music Marketing: How you can use big data

Linus Lassus

It’s quite obvious to most artists and bands thatn they need a homepage, or at least a Facebook page. Other communication channels like Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube are great as well, especially if they are being used consequently. Whichever platform you choose, they can easily provide you with data on almost everything regarding your online presence through that specific channel. Big data is a term for describing such massive amounts of data – amounts so huge that at first glance it may be hard to figure out what to really do with it all.

In order to find your fan hubs on Facebook, you don't even have to export the data.

In order to find your fan hubs on Facebook, you don’t even have to export the data.

Christian Taagehøj, who worked with using big data in management at an American management company, explains how he introduced the firm to the practices. For instance, they succesfully used the Soundcloud streaming data for one of their acts to plan the artist’s tour in Europe. Originally, two dates in France and one date in Germany were planned, but when looking at the statistics for where the Souncloud tracks were downloaded and streamed, they decided to add five more dates in certain areas. They hit the right spot, and all of the shows sold out.

Soundcloud always provides some basic info, and if you invest a little money and upgrade your profile you’ll get even more insights. Facebook gives you everything (really, everything) when you export your page insights, and it can indeed seem a bit overwhelming. But finding the top three areas where your fans hang out only takes ten seconds. Dig in a little more, and you’ve got yourself a new hobby. Don’t miss out on this useful and free tool when planning your next move!