Revisit talks from Ja Ja Ja Nordic: Wired


Revisit: Ja Ja Ja Nordic takes the conversation online

Ja Ja Ja is usually known for their live activities in London and Berlin, but while these need to stay on hold for the moment, Ja Ja Ja decided to bring the activities to you – i.e. to keep you in the loop online about some of the most exciting new talents, releases, and other projects from the booming Nordic music scene. 

Furthermore, this also means that Ja Ja Ja has taken the conversation in the music industry online with Ja Ja Ja Nordic: WIRED

The first edition of Ja Ja Ja Nordic WIRED took place on December 2-3, 2020

Two days were packed with talks, networking, and panels dealing with practical updates around Brexit, export opportunities across the UK, Germany, and the Nordics, as well as tips and guidance as to how to navigate artist export throughout 2021.

All the talks, from Ja Ja Ja Nordic: WIRED, are now available online

Catch the panels and talks you missed here:

PANEL: Creative Collaborations in Intra-Nordic Songwriting
 The benefits from Intra-Nordic writing and production collaborations, and COVID-19’s impact on songwriting processes and how to create alternative formats.
Nina Finnerud (Music Norway), Atena Banisaid (Sony ATV Sweden), Petter Walther Walthinsen (Warner Chappell Norway) & Linda Lundberg (All Good Management / Arctic Rights).

PANEL: Digital Expansion in Restricted Times
About: The digital realm’s opportunities for artists.
Speakers: Tim Dunham (777 Music), Andrea de Leon (Audio Network / For Nothing), Kwabena Amponsa (Mixcloud) & Aly Gillani (Bandcamp).

PANEL: Live Streaming 2.0 – The Next Steps
About: Live streaming, new revenue streams for artists, as well as discussions on the opportunities that might await artists in live streaming.
Speakers: Russ Tannen (DICE), Claire Mas (Driift), Peter Björklund (Live Nation / Luger) & Anna Asthildur Thorsteinsson (Iceland Airwaves / Live From Reykjavík).

About: Deputy CEO & Director of Public Affairs, UK Music shares a Keynote of considerations for artists traveling to the UK from next year onwards.
Speaker: Tom Kiehl (UK Music).

About: Details around post-Brexit traveling (carnets, transportation, merch)
Speaker: Rock-It Cargo

About: Traveling rules when entering the UK from 2021 onwards.
Speaker: Gemma Tracey (Latitude Law)

KEYNOTE: The UK Music Market 
About: The opportunities awaiting Nordic artists ready to work with the UK music market.
Speakers: Chris Cooke (CMU)

PANEL: The UK’s New Media Landscape 
About: UK’s new media landscape and latest digital opportunities for Nordic artists.
Speakers: Philip Taggart (BBC Radio / Slacker), Elspeth Merry (Inside/Out), Jay Cox (On A Plate) & Charlotte Gunn (The Forty-Five).

KEYNOTE: Germany’s Music Market 
About: Information on the German music market in 2021’s new, adapted climate. 
Speakers: Ulysses Hüppauff (Odyssey Music Network)

PANEL: Germany’s New Media Landscape 
About: The Nordic artists’ opportunities with the German music market and how to access them
Speakers: Anna Dungal (Better Things), Anton Teichmann (Mansions and Millions), Silvia Silko (Editor / Journalist) & Karen Norbakk (Sony Music Germany / Columbia).

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