[SPOT +] Music Export Denmark presents: “Ask Me Anything!” (about the UK music market and industry)


“Ask Me Anything”! (about the UK music market and industry)

SPOT + 7. Maj 14:15 | Radisson Blu Room 3

Would you like to ask questions and exchange thoughts and ideas with some of the leading music companies in the UK? Whether you are relatively new to the music business and have basic questions about the UK market or you are a veteran in the industry and want to dig into the granular aspects and ask the crucial questions – this session is relevant for you. We have hand-picked a group of UK professionals covering all aspects of the industry, from records to publishing, management, UK radio, and live.

Danish and International SPOT+ ticket holders who would like to meet our “AMA” guests can sign up here: https://bit.ly/3Mm1sIu
Due to the very limited capacity for this event we unfortunately will not be able to accommodate all requests so please make sure to sign up asap to ensure your slot.
Presented by MXD – Music Export Denmark in collaboration with Promus & SPOT+