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SPOT Festival 2017: Det endelige overblik

Asbjørn Hæstrup


Den første weekend i maj kunne vi byde over 336 internationale branchepersoner velkommen til den 23. udgave af SPOT Festival. Stærke labels så som Downtown Records, Terrible Records, Secretly Canadian, Lucky Number, PMR Records, Mom & Pop, Ninja Tune, Domino, Nick & Nora, Grand Hotel van Cleef og Caroline kom for at tjekke de danske talenter ud samt for at netværke med den danske musikbranche. Nedenfor kan du læse profiler på nogle af de mange labels som besøgte Aarhus:

Adam Nealon – Secretly Group
Julie Mehlum – Nick and Nora Records
Jessica Page – Mom + Pop Music
Ethan Silverman – Terrible Records
Tim Dunham – INgrooves / U OK?
Jürgen Distler – Ink Music
Vidhi Gandhi – Ninja Tune
Michael Morley – Lucky Number
Briana Cheng – Downtown Records
Du kan også læse nogle lidt mere dybdegående interviews med hhv. Mom & Pop, Downtown og Lucky Number her.

På live-siden havde vi en bred vifte af delegerede. Fra booking-agenturer som WME, Primary Talent, ITB, Selective Artists, Friendly Fire og Sparta Booking, til lokale promoters som Bird on the Wire og FKP Scorpio, legendariske live-platforme som Paradiso og Boiler Room samt festivaler som Europavox og Sziget Festival. Derudover har vi også haft fokus på at invitere repræsentanter fra andre internationale showcase-festivaler så som Reeperbahn Festival, C/O Pop, The Great Escape og selvfølgelig Eurosonic, som har Danmark som fokusland til næste års udgave. Læs et interview med Oskar fra Eurosonics booking-team her.

Andre live-profiler:

Boye ‘t Lam – Paradiso
Adam Ryan – The Great Escape
Tanju Boerue – Reeperbahn Festival
Kristina Rosenbusch – SPARTA
Clémence Godard – Bird On The Wire
Phyllis Belezos – ITB
Matt P. Copley – Primary Talent International
Michail Stangl – Boiler Room
I år søgte vi også at bringe ekstra fokus på musik-advokaternes rolle. Vi fik besøg af folk fra respekterede advokatkontorer som Harbottle & Lewis LLP, Grubman, Shire & Meiselas og Clintons, hvoraf de to førstnævnte deltog i den MXD-kuraterede paneldiskussion om hvordan musik-advokaternes rolle har bevæget sig fra primært at handle om kontrakter til også at handle om networking og indgåelse af aftaler. Her kan du læse et interview med Chloë Forsyth fra Harbottle & Lewis LLP om netop dette.
Herunder kan du også læse en profil på en af de andre advokater, som besøgte festivalen:
Halina Wielognorska – Clintons

Fra PR-siden havde vi gode folk som Killer Inc. fra Norge, Kartel og Your Army fra UK, Community Promotion fra Tyskland og selvfølgelig vores samarbejdspartnere fra Factory 92 og Bang on PR, der havde bragt medier som blandt andre The Independent, The Line of Best Fit, The 405, Crack Magazine, Wonderland, Intro, Musikwoche, Musikexpress, Piranha, Radio Eins og FM4 til Aarhus.

Herunder kan du se profiler på nogle af de mange pressefolk der kom til Aarhus, samt læse nogle af de mange flotte presseomtaler dette års udgave af SPOT Festival har fået:

Doron Davidson-Vidavski – The 405
Leanne Mison – Bang On PR
Hugo Simpson – Kartel Music Group
Jochen Overbook – Musikexpress
Niko Huels – BACKSPIN
Daniel Koch – INTRO Magazine
Daniel Dylan Wray – Loud & Quiet
Louise Brailey – Crack Magazine
Dom Guerlay – Drowned in Sound
Christian Fischer – Piranha Media
Dirk Wilberg – Community Promotion
Inger Bråten – Killer Inc
Carsten Schrader – kulturnews
Andrew Hannah – The Line of Best Fit
“The apparent effortlessness of what Spot’s organisers achieve is possibly the most impressive thing about it. Co-ordinating (literally) hundreds of bands and performers spanning everything from Scandi pop, dream-pop and chamber music to Levantine folk (the wonderful Syrian wedding singer Omar Souleyman was in town) and heavy-duty techno (Greenlandic DJ/producer Courtesy) having it all go smoothly is one thing; having that happen in a genuinely relaxed and creative environment is quite another. Spot, though, with all the self-assurance and organisational nous that comes from decades of success in the game, plus a setting of rare charm and beauty, makes it look very easy indeed.” – THE INDEPENDENT (UK)
“Having existed for more than twenty years, SPOT is doing something right and looks like continuing along the same successful path for some time to come. I just hope that somewhere in the UK, someone is taking some notice.” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT (UK)
“To suggest that Spot festival is a serious competitor to any of the other many, many major European festivals that exist would be a lie but what it truly is, is an alternative. Especially during a time in which festival line-ups are becoming increasingly uniform to the point of being indistinguishable. What Spot manages to do is create something truly different to explore and experience that many other festivals aren’t, which is a glimpse of what potential future headliners from Scandinavia may look like. Which is almost certainly going to be in the form of excellent young women making gloriously wonky but composed pop music.” – LOUD & QUIET (UK)
“The city where SPOT takes place (Aarhus) is a reason in itself to visit SPOT Festival”  –  INTRO (DE) 
“The SPOT Festival in Aarhus is one of Europe’s most important festivals when it comes to discovering newcomer acts” – MUSIKEXPRESS (DE) 

Sidst, men ikke mindst, afholdte vi den første udgave af vores day party The Superball. Platformen blev sparket i gang i kurator Laura Snapes’ kyndige hænder. Laura er til daglig kultur-journalist for prominente medier som The Guardian, Pitchfork, The Observer, The Times, NPR, Uncut og MTV. Du kan blive yderligere introduceret til Laura her. Hun udvalgte ikke kun aftenens bands, men gav dem også hver især en introduktion fra scenen:

“Marching Church is the side project of Iceage’s Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, and a romantic, debauched retreat from his main gig’s malevolent glare. He’s a glam Nick Cave, a reformed Pete Doherty, a brazen gladioli twirler and seducer.” LS
“Also known as Sophia Maj, Ellis May reminds me of two of my all-time favourite women’s voices: Portishead’s Beth Gibbons, and PJ Harvey, particularly circa Is This Desire? May has a background in sound design for films, and also produces her eerie, pulsing music, which evokes creepy moors at dusk.” LS
“Rasmus Littauer drums for MØ by day, but as School of X, he’s making gorgeous processed pop. Imagine if the Pet Shop Boys had made Behaviour on a Balearic island retreat.” LS
Udover koncerterne havde vi også en fantastisk networking-dag fuld af sol, burgere, drinks og en hel masse spændende internationale kontakter. Vi ses næste år!